Women’s Temple – Women’s group in Constance


Women’s temple in Konstanz


Would you like to engage more in your womanhood? Would you like to feel more at ease with yourself, in your body and your whole being? Would you like to talk to other sisters about topics which touch your heart?

I wish to help women strengthen their natural femininity. At the women’s temple you are welcome to relax, to release, to receive, to nourish each other and to let your feminine qualities blossom to be able to share them with the world.

If you feel called then join the women’s temple – the women’s group in Konstanz! We dance, talk, breathe and move in a safe and secure space!


What to expect?

  • dance
  • personal exchange
  • exercises for body, breath and senses
  • feminine, heart-centered yoga
  • meditation
  • ritiuals
  • inspirations about being a woman

Who is the Women’s Temple for?

Women who…

…wish to experience the power when women get together

…wish to feel better in their body, heart and soul

…wish to relax

…wish to get to know and unfold their feminine qualities and to learn to appreciate them

…long for a holistic spirituality which unites body, mind and soul

…wish to take time for themselves

…wish to have a partner


For over ten years Caroline has been exploring and connecting deeply with her femininity. At the women’s temple she shares her experiences in her work with women, dance and Tantra as well as her own heart-centered feminine yoga style. Since 2007 she has been travelling regularly to Asia (mostly India and Thailand) to seek inspiration from the  many amazing women offering teachings there, e.g.  Monika Nataraj (founder of Mystical Dance), Chameli Ardagh (founder of Awakening Women), Zola Dubnikova, Amma und Krista Novakowski. She is in the process of creating and exploring her very own style to support women to relax more and to deepen into their femininity.


I offer coaching about femininity and female sexuality.  Please contact me.


This dance is a prayer

This dance is a prayer a prayer for the earth and therefore for women.This is a call for women to know and believe in the Holiness of their bodies, the Sacredness of their dance and power of their voice. A prayer for all women who do not express themselves who hold themselves back who do not know their own power as Creators as Healers as Givers of Life. My prayer is a prayer for women women who are not allowed to dance and sing or express themselves in any way. A prayer for men who do not believe that women should dance in public. My dance is the voice of women who are trapped in a life where they have no voice. My prayer is for young girls who get sold into marriage at eight years old to old men and die at the hands of cultures who permit such a tragedy to continue and continue. My prayer is for young girls who get sold into sex slavery and contract illnesses they didn’t even know existed. My prayer is for these girls who never have a chance to be girls. My prayer is for men whose unpunished violence against women and against the earth is permitted in this world. My prayer is a dance for the Earth My prayer is a dance for Women My prayer is a call for Women to Return to the Temple.

~ Zola Dubnikova