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Shiatsu in Konstanz

Shiatsu harmonizes body, mind and soul and activates self-healing forces. This form of bodywork has its roots in Japan and is based on the traditional Chinese Medicine’s knowledge of the meridians. Soft pressure on the meridians (energy channels) releases blockages and helps circulate life energy (chi) in the entire body. Loosening, stretching and mobilizations complete this body work. Empathetic touch enables the body to relax deeply and regenerate. Shiatsu helps to relieve insomnia, back pain, migraines, depression, stress and many other mental, emotional and physical health issues.


Konstanz, Untere Laube 10, 78462 Konstanz

Chi Nei Tsang in Konstanz

Chi Nei Tsang is a taoistic abdominal massage from Thailand which releases blockages and stored emotions in a soft way. It helps the energy to circulate in the whole body. The words ‘Chi Nei Tsang’ mean to treat the energy of the inner organs. With soft deep touch the abdomen is detoxified, toned and energized so that the inner organs can work better. Unprocessed emotions are released. An inner space for the perception of emotional patterns and as well for healing is opened.



60 min   80€
3 x 60 min   230€
5 x 60 min   360€
90 min   110€
3 x 90 min   315€
5 x 90 min   500€

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